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Look Up Son:

MENtal Health Matters

Rosemary's Babies Company, in collaboration with the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services and our valued community partners, is hosting a series of Fatherhood events to celebrate teen fathers and provide them with resources to be responsible fathers with a focus on self-care and building strong generations of men. 


2022 Fatherhood Events

Night Sky with Stars
Levi's Learning Lab

Levi's Learning Lab

Mirar ahora
Fathering in 15

Mental Health Resources

MENtal Health Matters

Supportive Friend

BIPOC Mental and Behavioral Health Provider Directory

An exclusive list of Black Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC) mental and behavioral health resources. 

Page 42 shows a chart of those who accept self-pay/ insurance/ Medicaid/ Medicare

Apps to Improve Mental Health

  • Calm: Best for meditation and stress relief

  • Headspace: Best for learning mindfulness

  • Simple Habit: Best for teens with busy schedules

  • Insight Timer: Best for free guided meditations and talks from celebs

  • Happify: Best for fun mood shifting activities


Helpful Tools for Fathers with Girls